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By Tony Juniper

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Rainforests have long been recognized as hotspots of biodiversity, but they are crucial in other—sometimes surprising—ways. From regulating freshwater systems to mitigating climate change, it’s increasingly clear that rainforests are connected to the health of our planet as a whole.

In Rainforest, prominent conservationist Tony Juniper paints a sweeping picture of the roles rainforests serve, the state of the world’s rainforests today, and the inspirational efforts underway to save them. Throughout this evocative book, Juniper argues that by saving rainforests, we save ourselves.

Praise for Rainforest:

“A spirited book . . . revealing just how fascinating rainforests can be. . . . Juniper’s sheer wonderment at the world’s rainforests is every bit as compelling as his environmental passion.”
—Jon Wright, Geographical

“People take action when they are inspired. And this is exactly what Tony’s book does. It is an incredible, first-hand account of one of the most important environment battles of our time, one that we simply cannot afford to lose. Because a fight for the rainforests is a fight for Planet Earth. And for the peoples of the world.”
—Erik Solheim, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme, 2016–2018